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Zoos and Aquariums Near Me

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Introducing your kids to zoos and aquariums nearby at a young age helps them to appreciate nature. Take them to an indoor petting zoo if you can. Most kids do not get to see wildlife and the different types of fish anywhere else. In just a single day at a zoo or aquarium, your kids can learn about more species of animals and fish than they would in school. They are not just fun. They give kids a chance to appreciate the value of nature.

Most kids have a natural curiosity about marine life and animals. Encouraging their interests may not be possible without letting them see the fish or animals in real life. Books and videos may be a good start, but they are not enough. The excitement of experiencing and seeing marine and animals may lead to a life-long passion.

You don’t need to go to a fancy place. All you need to ask yourself is ‘Is there an aquarium near my location or what is the best zoo near here?’

Top Tips When Visiting a Zoo With Kids

Set Goals

Setting a goal for your visit makes it possible for the kids to remain interested. You can, for example, ask them to spot the differences between individual animals, identify specific types of fish, or finds flowers of a particular color.

Plan Your Trip

There is so much to see in a zoo or aquarium, but if you do not plan well in advance, you may end up missing some important things. Find a free aquarium or a free zone in your area. If there are specific events that your kids are interested in, find out what time they are available. Call a day ahead of time to confirm that your preferred events are still open.


Do not visit on weekends as most zoos and aquariums can get crowded. The best time to visit is midweek. If you have certain animals in mind, find out when they are most active. Most animals are active during the early hours of the morning.

Have a Map

A map will help you visit all the sections of a zoo or aquarium that are important to you. It helps you to know where to find the petting zoo, a place for lunch or drinks, and the restrooms. A proper map saves on time. You can have your kids help you to interpret the map to keep them excited.

Get Close

As an adult, you may not be as excited about seeing the animals as your kids. Resist the temptation to rush through the different areas. Encourage your kids to get close to the animals and touch them. Allowing them to have contact with the animals may make their experience more rewarding. You should, however, not force them to get close to the animals if they are scared.

Try Not To Show Fear

Even if you are scared of certain animals, try not to show t. Showing your kids that you are scared may pass the fear to them. You should, however, try to identify theirs. Example, they are afraid of snakes, explain to them that not all snakes are dangerous. When you are approaching the snakes’ exhibit, let them know.

Carry Snacks

Even though most zoos have food, you should still pack your own. It makes it possible to avoid the long lines and pull out something to eat as soon as you need to.

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Make sure that you and the kids have comfortable shoes because you will be walking a lot. If your kids are not comfortable, they may not have fun. Carry extra clothing items in case the ones they are wearing get dirty or wet.

Get a Membership

You can save some money on your zoo and aquarium visits if you have a membership. You might get membership perks.

Plan For Souvenirs

Talk to your kids about how much you are willing to give them for souvenirs. You can ask the older ones to save ahead of time for what they would like to buy. If you don’t intend on buying any souvenirs, make it clear before you arrive.

Plan For parking

If you are going to a place that is in a busy part of town, it may be difficult to find parking space. Do not wait until you reach the zoo or aquarium to find parking. Research on parking lots in the area and see the best options. That way, you can save time and money.

Bring a Stroller For Toddlers

If you have toddlers, do not forget to bring a stroller. Even if they haven’t needed one for a while, they probably will. Walking for extended periods may make your toddlers fussy and unable to have fun. Let them take breaks between walking and being in strollers. Even if you do not get to use the strollers, they may be an excellent place to carry your food, drinks, and supplies. Some aquariums may restrict the use of strollers. Find out the policies before you visit. If strollers are not allowed, consider babywearing.

Don’t Take Too Long

Follow a path that lets you see most of the things a zoo or aquarium has to offer but do not try to see everything on one visit. It may make it difficult for kids to remember everything they have seen. It may also make your stay tiring especially for younger kids. Consider several short trips.

Encourage Your Kids To Respect The Animals

Teasing animals may seem fun to your kids but it could be dangerous. Just because there is a thick piece of glass between you and the animal does not mean you are entirely safe. Even if you are sure of their safety, disrespecting animals is not a good trait.

Watch Your Kids

When in a zoo, kids may not know that some animals are dangerous. Always keep an eye on them to ensure that they do not try to go into the animal enclosure. Encourage them to take note of all signs and follow them.

Your kids don’t need to go to the biggest zoo for them to learn. If you are looking for zoos and aquariums around you, visit the Just Family Thing website.


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