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Zoos and Aquariums in Houston

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Free Zoos and Aquariums in Cities similar to Houston

No time for an Amazon adventure or African Safari? Well, the Zoos and aquariums in Houston bring the wildlife closer to home. The sheer amount of wildlife at these zoos will stun even seasoned safari-goers.

Who can Visit Zoos and Aquariums in Houston, Texas (TX)?

Families, couples, and lone explores are all welcome. Whether you're planning a grown-up getaway or you've got kids to tow, the free zoos and aquariums in Houston makes for a fun way to spend a weekend. Besides catching unforgettable glimpses of wild animals in naturalistic habitats, you'll also get a chance to see outstanding attractions in the indoor petting zoo.

Visiting the biggest zoos in Houston is much more than an opportunity to see different wild animals; it's a chance to get closer to swirling sea life. When you tour the best aquariums in in Houston, you're sure to get a feeling as if you're actually under the sea. Other benefits of visiting zoos and aquariums include:

  • It promotes family bonding
  • It's a great exercise
  • Increases knowledge through educational programs
  • It encourages environmental awareness

For unforgettable undersea attractions, interactive animal shows, fascinating underwater views and thrilling rides, make a point of visiting Houston zoos and aquariums.

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Houston Zoo

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cat-icon 6200 Hermann Park Dr
Downtown Aquarium

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