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Attractions & Things to see in Philadelphia

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Landmarks in Cities similar to Philadelphia

Looking for things to see in Philadelphia with your kids? Well, we can help you find the best attractions and must sees in your area.

Seek and you shall find

From the must-sees to all the famous places in Philadelphia, there are many great points of interest that you can soak up with your loved ones.

Sometimes its nice to just relax and take a day to go and see the sights, instead of rushing around and being stressed! That is not what all intended vacations are for.

We understand

If sightseeing is more your thing or you are looking for inspiration for things to see, simply use our search tools and you will come across all the best tourist attractions at your doorstep.

What's to see in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)?

This will vary greatly depending on where you are visiting or where you live, every place has unique and distinct landmarks to visit and enjoy!

Please remember that we are happy to help you with any enquiries you may have, so feel free to contact us anytime. Also remember that we are not responsible for any misinformation provided to you by companies that you search through our website.

We are not affiliated with any of them.

Other things to do with kids:

Arch Street Meeting House

Review Arch Street Meeting House...

cat-icon 320 Arch St
Laurel Hill Mansion

Review Laurel Hill Mansion...

cat-icon East Edgley Drive East
Wyck Historic House

Review Wyck Historic House...

cat-icon 6026 Germantown Ave
Independence Visitor Center

Review Independence Visitor Center...

cat-icon 599 Market St
Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Education Center

Review Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Education Center...

cat-icon 640 Water Works Dr
Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Review Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial...

cat-icon Columbus Boulevard and Spruce Street
Pennsylvania Hospital

Review Pennsylvania Hospital...

cat-icon Eighth and Spruce sts.
Independence National Historical Park

Review Independence National Historical Park...

cat-icon 143 S 3rd St
1 2 3 4
Laurel Hill Cemetery

Review Laurel Hill Cemetery...

cat-icon 3822 Ridge Ave
Benjamin Franklin’s Grave

Review Benjamin Franklin's Grave...

cat-icon 5th and Arch Streets
First Bank of the United States

Review First Bank of the United States...

cat-icon 302 S 3rd St
University of Pennsylvania

Review University of Pennsylvania...

cat-icon 3101 Walnut St
Ben Franklin National Memorial

Review Ben Franklin National Memorial...

cat-icon 222 N 20th St
American Interfaith Institute

Review American Interfaith Institute...

cat-icon 401 N Broad St
The Navy Yard

Review The Navy Yard...

cat-icon 4747 S Broad St
One Liberty Observation Deck

Review One Liberty Observation Deck...

cat-icon 1650 Market St
Moore College of Art & Design

Review Moore College of Art & Design...

cat-icon 20th Street and the Parkway
Independence Hall

Review Independence Hall...

cat-icon Chestnut Street between 5th and 6th Streets
Congress Hall

Review Congress Hall...

cat-icon 6th & Chestnut Streets
Free Library of Philadelphia

Review Free Library of Philadelphia...

cat-icon 19th St. and Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.
Lucky Strike Philadelphia

Review Lucky Strike Philadelphia...

cat-icon 1336 Chestnut St
Elfreth’s Alley

Review Elfreth's Alley...

cat-icon 126 Elfreths Aly
Shofuso Japanese House and Garden

Review Shofuso Japanese House and Garden...

cat-icon Horticultural and Lansdowne Drs.
Fort Mifflin

Review Fort Mifflin...

cat-icon 82 Fort Mifflin Rd
Board Game Art Park

Review Board Game Art Park...

cat-icon N 15th St and John F Kennedy Blvd