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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids Near Me

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Parks around are kid-friendly destinations that you can explore during summer. The urban region’s entertainment spots support a wide range of outdoor fun activities for kids. The innumerable activities may confuse tourists and residents alike. This article offers comprehensive information about the most exciting outdoor fun activities for kids near me. Whether you are a resident of the city or a tourist who is exploring the town, your kids will find the activities enjoyable and educative. Certainly, the sunny beaches, sightseeing areas, and amusement parks provide plenty of options.

Here are the top most awesome outdoor fun activities for kids in the city:

Outdoor Games

The city’s parks have expansive lawns that children can use as playgrounds. They are filled with a variety of exciting children rides. The round coaster cars that children can ride provide thrilling experiences. Also, these games are ideal outdoor things to do for toddlers.

Live Singing and Musical Performances

The city’s theatres are typical examples of a rich Hollywood cinema. Children can watch live singing and films that are cast by Disney members. They are also allowed to participate in the performance and showcase their talents. The presentations are both entertaining and educative.

Creative Arts

The museums provide top-notch art services for children. The preschoolers have an opportunity to paint, draw, paint and create different artworks. The spacious art galleries of these institutions provide room to engage in physical activities that promote growth.

Pretend Games

The parks also afford kids the opportunity to play engaging games. They can enjoy riding in a zip line, playing in the sand castle, and use the pretend airplane cockpit. It is accessible, and the weather is friendly.

Rides as Outdoor Fun Activities for Kids Near Me

The city’s entertainment centers offer various ride-related activities for the young ones. Besides driving Go Karts, or taking kiddie rides, children have a chance to engage in thrill rides. Further, they can take water slides in the Buccaneer Cove water park.

Nature walks

The entertainment spots offer ideal outdoor play areas for your children. Some of them have winding walkways, refreshing vegetation, and expansive lawns. The unique features allow children to involve in a variety of physical activities such as walking, sports, games, and so forth.

Tours and Exhibitions

Spots such as the battleship provide kids with an opportunity to learn about maritime history. Kids can take tours to see all the exhibitions. The highlight of such experiences is usually the scavenger hunt.

Visiting Aquariums

Different kids-friendly areas are situated in the Downtown area. Their exhibits have numerous animal species that kids enjoy watching. Notable examples include sea jellies, penguins, and shark lagoons.

Visit Popular Museums

The city’s museums have extensive collections cultural as well as natural artifacts. Children have an opportunity to see exhibitions and artificial habitats. The interactive sessions with staffs are inspiring and worthwhile.

Exploring Gardens

The city’s institutions have artistic gardens that are equally attractive to the young ones. The gardens display artworks and historical, literary works. Definitely, young children love exploring the Japanese, Desert, and Rose gardens and themed grounds.

Trips to Zoos

The city’s Zoos have botanical gardens too. They are home to gorillas, snow leopards, colorful birds, and several other species. The creatures are attractive to small children.

Visiting Theaters

The theaters are hot entertainment spots for children. Specifically, their movies feature scientific innovations and fascinating exhibits. Besides entertaining children, they stimulate creativity and innovativeness.


The city has various beautiful sceneries that children can enjoy watching. Kids can observe the attractions from a dark room. A clear camera gives an artistic projection of the physical surroundings of the city.

Participating in Art Walks

As a cultural norm, the city organizes art walks. The event is a huge attraction that gives residents a chance to showcase art, food, and other aspects of their culture. Children interact with participants and get entertained by cultural music.


The city has parks and beaches that allow children to engage in outdoor activities such as picnics. The destinations are attractive landscapes that are surrounded by beautiful palm trees. Coupled with a wonderful weather, the areas offer breathtaking experiences for young children.

Watching Concerts

You can allow young children to accompany you to concerts too. The amazing performances are customized to meet the needs of the youngsters. Although they are mostly offered freely, they require prior booking.

Bird watching

Naturally, children enjoy watching colorful sceneries, wildlife, and birds. The city has museums, conservancies, and parks which host diverse species of exotic birds. Young children can spend their summertime learning about the kinds of species that are found in these habitats.


The city also has natural rivers and manmade lakes where young children can enjoy sports fishing. Under adult supervision, the young children have a chance to know the type of fish species in these water water-ways. Undoubtedly, the experience is fascinating.


The city has various spots that children can enjoy shopping. The markets have cultural artifacts and toys that young children can play with. In addition to shops, the city has restaurants and eateries that sell snacks such as hot dogs and ice cream.

Sun Bathing

Also, the city has various beaches where young children can enjoy sunbathing. The experience is most satisfying during summertime. Other outdoor activities that they engage in while on beaches include sport and sports fishing.

Watching professional games

The city has professional teams that organize games and sports activities. These may be tournaments or competitive events. Allowing children to watch the games inspires them in different ways. The excitement and activity cannot be compared to watching the games on screens.


The amusement parks and other open places give parents a chance to organize parties for their children. These areas are spacious and can accommodate a large number of people. In addition, space gives participants a chance to engage in different activities and engage children in games.

Sports Activities

Young children enjoy playing games such as football, basketball, and other sports activities. The beautiful parks provide a stimulating environment for play. Since they are maintained well and secured accordingly, children play freely and enjoy the activities.

Boat Riding

The city’s’ water-ways give children a chance to enjoy boat riding. During boat tours, they interact with marine specialists and listen to motivational stories. The sea cruises allow them to watch whales and take photographs. Overall, the experiences are both educative and entertaining.

Key Take Away

The preceding list provides important information about incredible outdoor fun activities that children enjoy. The city offers a wide range of opportunities for small children to engage in exciting outdoor fun activities. The parks, museums, beaches, theaters, and other spots support nature walks, encourage sight-seeing, provide room for playing games, among other activities. The activities are the perfect way to create indelible memories with your loved ones. Browse our website today for a map of outdoor playgrounds around you and near your location.


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