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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids in Philadelphia

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Outdoor playground in Cities similar to Philadelphia

There are many fun outdoor activities for kids in Philadelphia that you and your children can undertake. We offer a variety of fun outdoor activities to do and keep your preschoolers and toddlers occupied and having fun.

Climbing a Jungle Gym in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

This is a great activity that kids can engage in. Kids will build up the athlete in them as they make friendships on the playgrounds.

Nature Scavenger Hunt in Philadelphia

Being one of the most fun outdoor things to do, we will provide you a list of simple scavenger hunt items that are age appropriate and easy for the toddler or preschoolers to identify for example;

  • Find a flying insect
  • Find a cone shaped tree
  • Find a bright colored flower.

Making a Nature Collage

Kids absolutely love collecting leaves, flowers and twigs. If they have an attraction to flowers, we allow them to pic as many as they want then make a collage. You will need;

  • Con-Tact paper that is clear
  • Masking tape
  • Glue

Playing with Water Balloons

For the most active, high-energy kids who love to be competitive, there are a lot of fun games one can play with water balloons;

  • Angry birds
  • Water balloon toss
  • Water balloon spoon race in Philadelphia


Gardening is also a nice outdoor activity to get the children dirty and take part in taking care of their environment.

Other things to do with kids:

Tuttleman IMAX Theater

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City Running Tours

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Sugar House Casino

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Delaware River Waterfront

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Go Vertical

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cat-icon 950 N Penn St
Smith Kids Play Place (Playground & Mansion)

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cat-icon 33rd St & Oxford St
Lucky Strike Philadelphia

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cat-icon 1336 Chestnut St
Palace Roller Skating Center

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cat-icon 11586 Roosevelt Blvd
Dave and Buster’s

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Philadelphia Zoo

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cat-icon 3400 W Girard Ave
Fairmount Park

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