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Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids in New York City

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Outdoor playground in Cities similar to New York City

There are many fun outdoor activities for kids in New York City that you and your children can undertake. We offer a variety of fun outdoor activities to do and keep your preschoolers and toddlers occupied and having fun.

Climbing a Jungle Gym in New York City, New York (NY)

This is a great activity that kids can engage in. Kids will build up the athlete in them as they make friendships on the playgrounds.

Nature Scavenger Hunt in New York City

Being one of the most fun outdoor things to do, we will provide you a list of simple scavenger hunt items that are age appropriate and easy for the toddler or preschoolers to identify for example;

  • Find a flying insect
  • Find a cone shaped tree
  • Find a bright colored flower.

Making a Nature Collage

Kids absolutely love collecting leaves, flowers and twigs. If they have an attraction to flowers, we allow them to pic as many as they want then make a collage. You will need;

  • Con-Tact paper that is clear
  • Masking tape
  • Glue

Playing with Water Balloons

For the most active, high-energy kids who love to be competitive, there are a lot of fun games one can play with water balloons;

  • Angry birds
  • Water balloon toss
  • Water balloon spoon race in New York City


Gardening is also a nice outdoor activity to get the children dirty and take part in taking care of their environment.

Other things to do with kids:

Central Park Discovery

Review Central Park Discovery...

cat-icon 57th St & 6th Ave
Heckscher Playground

Review Heckscher Playground...

cat-icon 65th St Transverse
Unlimited Biking

Review Unlimited Biking...

cat-icon 346 W 57th St
Statue Cruises

Review Statue Cruises...

cat-icon Battery Park
Marcus Garvey Memorial Park

Review Marcus Garvey Memorial Park...

cat-icon Madison Ave, E 120 to E 124 Streets
Secret City Scavenger Hunts

Review Secret City Scavenger Hunts...

cat-icon 450 Lexington Ave
Go Escape

Review Go Escape...

cat-icon 38 W 32nd St
1 2 3 6
Free Tours by Foot

Review Free Tours by Foot...

cat-icon 112 Suffolk St
The Roosevelt Island Tramway

Review The Roosevelt Island Tramway...

cat-icon 59th Street and Second Avenue
Pocono Daytripper

Review Pocono Daytripper...

cat-icon 625 8th Ave
Loeb Boathouse

Review Loeb Boathouse...

cat-icon Park Drive North & 72nd St
Central Park Bike Tours

Review Central Park Bike Tours...

cat-icon 203 W 58th St
Ancient Playground

Review Ancient Playground...

cat-icon 85th Street right off of Fifth Avenue
Imagination Playground

Review Imagination Playground...

cat-icon 165 John St
Billy Johnson Playground

Review Billy Johnson Playground...

cat-icon East 67th Street
S-Cruise by Smartboat

Review S-Cruise by Smartboat...

cat-icon North Moore Street
Spirit of New York

Review Spirit of New York...

cat-icon 111C 11th Ave
Staten Island Ferry

Review Staten Island Ferry...

cat-icon 4 South Street
New York Media Boat / Adventure Sightseeing Tours

Review New York Media Boat / Adventure Sightseeing Tours...

cat-icon 225 Liberty St.
AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13

Review AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13...

cat-icon 1998 Broadway
NYC Horse Carriage Rides

Review NYC Horse Carriage Rides...

cat-icon 7th Ave 59th Street
Central Park Horse & Carriage Tour

Review Central Park Horse & Carriage Tour...

cat-icon 59th Street Between 5th And 8th Avenues
Wild Quaker Parrots Brooklyn New York

Review Wild Quaker Parrots Brooklyn New York...

cat-icon 2900 Bedford Ave
Central Park Zoo

Review Central Park Zoo...

cat-icon 830 5th Ave
Bike and Roll NYC

Review Bike and Roll NYC...

cat-icon 451 Columbus Ave
S.O.S Escape Room

Review S.O.S Escape Room...

cat-icon 246 W 38th St
City Sightseeing New York Cruises

Review City Sightseeing New York Cruises...

cat-icon 455 12th Ave
Bike Rentals and Tours

Review Bike Rentals and Tours...

cat-icon 1664 Broadway
Nintendo New York

Review Nintendo New York...

cat-icon 10 Rockefeller Plz
Central Park Tours by Penguin Tours

Review Central Park Tours by Penguin Tours...

cat-icon 58th Street and 5th Avenue
Gear To Go Outfitters – Day Tours

Review Gear To Go Outfitters - Day Tours...

cat-icon 217 Garfield Pl
City Running Tours

Review City Running Tours...

cat-icon 1411 Broadway
Hudson River Sightseeing

Review Hudson River Sightseeing...

cat-icon 455 12th Ave
Wollman Rink

Review Wollman Rink...

cat-icon 830 5th Ave

Review Olidaytours...

cat-icon 10 Columbus Cir
Central Park Tours & Bike Rentals

Review Central Park Tours & Bike Rentals...

cat-icon 40 W 55th St
Chelsea Piers

Review Chelsea Piers...

cat-icon Hudson River, Piers 59-62
Classic Harbor Line

Review Classic Harbor Line...

cat-icon Chelsea Piers Pier 62
AIA-NY Boat Tour

Review AIA-NY Boat Tour...

cat-icon West 22nd Street
Central Park Sightseeing

Review Central Park Sightseeing...

cat-icon 56 W 56th St
Eco Central Park Tours

Review Eco Central Park Tours...

cat-icon 888 7th Ave
Central Park Tours

Review Central Park Tours...

cat-icon 870 7th Ave
Hornblower Cruises & Events

Review Hornblower Cruises & Events...

cat-icon 353 West St
Brooklyn Bridge Sightseeing

Review Brooklyn Bridge Sightseeing...

cat-icon 110 South St
Pennsylvania Station

Review Pennsylvania Station...

cat-icon 7th Ave & West 32nd St
Statue of Liberty Express

Review Statue of Liberty Express...

cat-icon Pier 16, South Street Seaport