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Public parks in Phoenix

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Select your public places in Phoenix

Famous parks in Cities similar to Phoenix

SO you are looking for public parks in Phoenix for kids? Then we can probably point you in the right direction using our search tools!

Parks in your area

Wherever you are we can help you find the largest parks downtown, in the suburbs or in any rural area. Maybe you are looking for a famous park for lots of photo opportunities while on vacation?

You will find many big and free parks listed on our website when you make a search, the lists will come up and all you have to do is pick which one looks best for you!

Best parks in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ) for kids

If there is a park worth visiting in Phoenix we will not have missed it on our list, we aim to provide you with up-to-date and accurate information.

So everytime you make a search with us, you know the information is correct.

Adventures can be had at the best outdoor parks, whether in the adventure playground or taking a picnic along with you, the only lack of possibilities comes from your imagination.

Go play ball games, tag, or soak up the sun with your loved ones this summer and thank us later for being your tour guide!

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Margaret T. Hance Park

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cat-icon 1134 N Central Ave
South Mountain Park

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cat-icon 10919 S Central Ave
Across Arizona Day Tours

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cat-icon 3213 E Rosemonte Dr
Phoenix Zoo

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cat-icon 455 N Galvin Pkwy
Kathleen Reeder Wildlife Photography

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Encanto Park

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cat-icon 2605 N 15th Ave
Papago Park

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cat-icon 625 N. Galvin Parkway
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