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Indoor activities for Kids on a rainy day in New York City

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Raining day things to do in Cities similar to New York City

If rain has you stuck in the house again, worry No More! Here are some Indoor Activities for Kids on a rainy day in New York City, New York (NY) that are fun and will get the kids excited, happy and not worrying about the cold or the frightening thunderstorms!

An indoors Treasure Hunt

This is a fun thing to do with kids on a rainy day in New York City because it is a great way to pass time. All you need is;

  • A selected things to do
  • A list of hidden things to find

Create Shadow Shapes

In case of power surge, this can be a great activity especially for toddlers. You need to ensure the room is dark enough then with a flashlight; you can take turns in making shapes on the wall or ceiling.

Drawing and Painting

In the play areas inside the house, let the child's imagination go wild and you can all draw and paint whatever you want.

Indoor picnic or a Tea party in New York City

This activity is a great attraction for many kids and especially since they have limited places to go. Spread a blanket or a kid table and set it up then enjoy the picnic.

Track racing

When it rains it gets the playground wet. You can however make your own in the living. Create a racing track for toy cars with tape and let the fun begin!

Other things to do with kids:

Spa Boutique 2 Go

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cat-icon 69 E 130th St
Go Yoga

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cat-icon 218 Bedford Ave
The Institute of Culinary Education

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cat-icon 225 Liberty St
Wollman Rink

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cat-icon 830 5th Ave
Cook&Go Culinary Studio

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cat-icon 443 W 16th St
Go Green Organic Spa

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cat-icon 149 Bowery
Chelsea Piers

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cat-icon Hudson River, Piers 59-62