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Indoor activities for Kids on a rainy day Near Me

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Just when you and the kids are getting ready to head out to the park for the afternoon, it starts raining, and your plans are ruined. So does everyone just slip into his or her warm beds? That is not a bad idea. However, there are many indoor things to do if you are in search of indoor activities for kids on a rainy day near me. Our services are aimed at helping you find places you can visit and kid-friendly activities you can do as a family. Here are 20 things to do with kids indoors:

  1. Play card games
  2. Play board games
  3. Put on a fashion show
  4. Bake or cook dinner together
  5. Play Xbox, PlayStation or Wii Fit Games
  6. Learn to code
  7. Movie night
  8. Indoor workouts
  9. Learn origami
  10. Put on a puppet show
  11. Do science experiments
  12. Build a Legos city
  13. Make home decorations
  14. Karaoke night
  15. Play charades
  16. Solve a puzzle together
  17. Have an indoor “camp out” with a tent and sleeping bags
  18. Have a family scavenger hunt
  19. Have a fancy tea party
  20. Build an indoor obstacle course

Indoor Activities for Kids on a Rainy Day near Me: Indoor workouts

Here are a few indoor workout routines to burn some calories and keep your heart rate up while having some fun with the children:

  • Jumping jacks
  • Frog jumps
  • Donkey kicks
  • Air jabs and punches

Play card games

If you have no places to go with the kids on a rainy day, playing card games is an easy way to keep them occupied. If they are old enough to know numbers and you have a deck of cards, you are set. You need not have a special set of cards to play with them the old-time favorites, such as Garbage (or Trash), Spoons, Go Fish, etc.

Play board games

The variety of board games available for kids nowadays is far more than it is ever been. To name a few, they can play Tsuro to learn how to takes turns, Numbers League to build their math skills, Set to improve their mental agility, and Pirate Dice to help the child learn how to think ahead.

Put on a fashion show

Have the children wear different outfits and strut down you are your hallway ‘catwalk.’ The attraction can even involve some hopping, dancing and twirling with silly faces. It is a good way of helping the kids let loose and breaks the gloominess that usually accompanies rainy weather. It usually does not last more than an hour so make sure you have other activities planned.

Bake or cook dinner together

There is more fun and delicious recipes that you can make with your children at home to keep them busy. Among the awesome recipes you can prepare with your team of little chefs are:

  • Vanilla sugar cookies with sprinkles
  • French bread pizzas
  • Basked parmesan zucchini fries
  • Baked spaghetti squash
  • Watermelon and berry fruit salad
  • Salad in a jar

Play Xbox, PlayStation or Wii Fit Games

If you enjoy video games, playing them with your kids can be a joy. Just make sure you take time to identify a game that fits your preferences and that of the kids to make sure everybody, including you, is enjoying themselves in an indoor space.

Learn to code

The growing demand for computer programming and the lucrative careers it offers have driven parents to encourage their kids to become software programmers. If you want your children to learn how to code, here are some programming tools and languages that are kid-friendly:

  • Blockly
  • Scratch
  • Swift Playgrounds
  • Kodu
  • Alice
  • LEGO Mindstorm Robotics
  • Twine

Movie night

If it seems like it keep raining for hours near your location, then watching a movie with the children can be just the indoor activity you all need. You can be creative with it and make it more interesting by printing ‘admission tickets’, piling up on the floor together, or even pretending you’re at the drive-in.

Learn origami

Origami certainly makes the list of activities that are fun and rewarding for kids. Something about transforming a flat sheet of paper into a plane, animal, or a prop for a game of dress up is magical. Learning origami does not have to be difficult for kids provided you chose the right projects, taking into account their kids’ short attention spans.

Put on a puppet show

It’s a well-known fact that kids follows stories more keenly when they have visual cues to go along with the narrative. Staging a family puppet show helps the children get involved in the storytelling. It’s also an opportunity for you and your kids to spend creative time making some easy puppet crafts.

Do fun science experiments

Science experiments are an interesting and engaging way for kids to learn facts about science and technology. With so many simple ingredients in the house, the numbers of experiments that you can do are endless. Examples of easy and cool projects and experiments to do with your kids include melting chocolate, floating eggs, making quick sand, and vinegar volcanos among others.

Making Legos constructions

Whether it’s a simple Legos set or one with a theme such as Ninja Turtles, Star Wars or Minecraft, making Legos constructions is not only a fun, goal-oriented activity but it can also help improve your kids creativity and combine and create new things.

Make home decorations

You don’t need to wait for Thanksgiving or Halloween seasons to craft interesting home decorations with your children. Get them involved in the process of decorating some of the rooms in the house. Ideas for home decorations include artwork for the walls and hanging ornaments.

Karaoke night

Most dreams of becoming star singers started right from the comfort of home. You can have some family fun and help some among you find their voice with kid-friendly karaoke. This is a good way of encourage the little ones to express themselves dramatically. Just make sure the songs are age-appropriate.

Play charades

This classic game needs minimal setup and helps the young ones develop their imagination, making it perfect for when it rains and you can’t visit outdoor attractions near here. If you know how to play it, adjusting it for your children guarantees hours of entertainment for all of you. To ensure it’s not too difficult for the kids, let them choose the phrases that need to be solved.

Solve a puzzle together

For this activity, the children will need to put on their thinking caps. Many options for family puzzles are available, including word games such as the Describing Grandfather/Grandmother Alphabet Challenge or a large family crossword, scramble or search. In addition to improving the kids’ language, solving puzzles together also fosters teamwork.

Have an indoor “camp out” with a tent and sleeping bags

You and the kids can enjoy an experience akin to camping without leaving the house. Toddlers, preschoolers ands even kids in middle school will have fun. Just set up a tent, prepare some roasted s’mores and have some great stories ready. For the tent, all you need is a large cloth and at least four chairs. Ingredients for s’mores include chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows.

Have a family scavenger hunt

Among many people’s favorite indoor family activities from their childhood are awesome family scavenger hunts in the house area. The basic idea is creating a list of things that the kids need to find or ask for, a time limit, a map, and a prize for the winners. The list of things to find should be easily found around you in the house.

Have a fancy tea party

There are a few ways of taking a tea party game with your kids to the next level. For instance, you can bring out all the nice china and fancy linen so that you all set the table together. Be sure to include accessories that will make the tea party more appealing to the kids. These include flowers, lace dollies, strings of faux pearls, and mini framed place cards.

Build an indoor obstacle course

If the weather ruins your plans of going to the amusement parks or other outdoor play places nearby, you can build, you kid an indoor obstacle course at home. The challenge of completing the tasks laid out will keep the children engaged and interested in addition to helping them to burn off a few calories in the process. With some creativity, you can find everything you need inside your home.


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