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Haunted Houses Near Me

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Most haunted houses are for adults and teenagers but it is possible to finds some for kids. Younger kids may not be able to tell the difference between what is real and what is not. They are likely to be too scared to have fun. If you are trying to have some family fun, find a haunted house in your location that caters to the needs of all ages. The right kind should be able to offer an unexpected experience without being too frightening. Most haunted attractions near here will let you, the parent, decide whether or not your child is old enough instead of imposing age restrictions.

Tips When Visiting a Haunted House With Kids

Do not Rush Into It

The idea of visiting a haunted house with your kids may sound fun to you, but that may not always be the case. Different kids have different reactions when they are scared. Know how your kids are likely to react. If they are too young, wait until they are old enough. The aim should be to have fun not to scare them.

Go to a Kid-Friendly Place

How scary is the place? Just because you can handle it as an adult does not mean it will be the same for your kids. Make sure that the haunted house is kid-friendly before you visit. Have a look at the history of the haunted house to see the kind of features they offer.

Be Ready To Explain

Your kids will need explanations after the visit. Be ready to explain to them what is real and what make-believe is. Explain that even though it looks real, the blood is all fake, and there is nothing to be fear. If they are not convinced, they may have nightmares for a long time after the visit.

Wear Closed Shoes

Both you and the kids should wear closed shoes. There is a significant possibility that they will be running in fear at some point and you will be chasing after them. Closed shoes are safer and more comfortable to run in than open ones.

Don’t Assume That You Won’t Be Scared

Just because a haunted house is kid-friendly does not mean adults cannot be sacred. You may be even more scared than the kids.

Visit The Bathroom

Make sure you all go to the bathroom before going in. Fear can cause involuntary bodily functions, and most kids pee their pants or buff when scared.

No Touching

Touching can be scary not just for kids but also for some adults. Most characters in haunted houses realize that. They may get close enough to scare you but not to touch. Find out in advance if the haunted house you plan on visiting allows characters to touch the visitors. Letting your kids know that no one is going to touch or grab them may make them more comfortable.

Visit In The Daytime

When you are introducing your family to haunted houses and other haunted locations, it is best to go in the day. Your haunted tour may be scarier at night. Once they get used to it, you can introduce them to nighttime visits.

How to Know Your Kid Is Ready For a Haunted House

Most parents wonder what age is appropriate for their kids to visit a haunted house. In reality, there is no right or wrong age. Some kids are more scared than their younger siblings. Observe the behavior of your child and notice how they react to scary things. The following are some things that may mean your child is ready for a haunted house.

They Consume Scary Content

If your kid is already watching scary movies or reading scary books, that is proof that they can handle spooky stuff. Find out how scary their most frightening book or movie is and decide if it is as frightening as the haunted house you plan on visiting. Do not take their word for it. What they think is funny may be nothing compared to a haunted house.

They Handle Fear Well

What does your kid do when they are scared? You can find that out by observing how they respond to darkness. If they cry or show extreme signs of fear, they are not ready. Ask your child how they feel about going to a haunted house and explain to them what to expect. Notice if they appear excited or uncomfortable. Do not force them if they are uncomfortable.

Age Ratings

Some haunted houses give age ratings. Try to observe them as much as you can. Even though your child may be braver than other kids their age, it does not make sense to take a six-year-old to haunted house meant for 12-year-olds. If they are ten or 11, it may be okay to take them if you think they are ready.

Are Haunted Houses Good For Family Entertainment?

Whether it is a scary zombie room, a scary place downtown, haunted cemeteries, haunted house, hospital, hotel, prison, or a real haunted house nearby, introducing your family to some fear can be useful for them. That does not mean that people should go around scaring strangers for no reason. However, you could include it as part of your family entertainment. Let your kids read about age-appropriate scary books, watch scary movies, or visit a free ghost house. They will learn how to deal with fear and other emotions and have fun at the same time. It may help them develop skills that you cannot teach them in different ways.

Benefits Of Scary Fun

It Is Entertaining

The feeling of being scared is almost similar to happiness. Because your brain thinks you are in danger, you get an adrenaline rush that feels like a ‘high’. At that moment, your energy levels increase, and you may not have a sense of stress of pain. You experience total mental presence.

It Improves Confidence

Both kids and adults feel good when they get through something that seemed impossible at first. Everything in your haunted tour may seem so real that you think you are not going to survive. Getting through it makes you feel accomplished and confident in yourself.

It Is Great For Bonding

Spending time with your family is already great. However, spending time together in a situation where your emotions heighten is even more special. It is possible to learn more about each other and understand how different members of the family respond to scary situations. You will always be trying to get into the same mental space which is great for bonding.

It Helps to Prepare For Real-Life Situations

When you walk through a haunted tour, everything else may be fake, but your emotions are not. Your reaction reflects how you would react in real-life terrors such as robbery, rape, or torture. People, especially kids, project their real-life fears and it is possible to reveal and deal with them through scary entertainment options. You may also learn to improve your reaction to real-life threats.

How To Make A Haunted House

Making your own haunted house could save you some money and give you more control of the experience you want your family or guests to have. Transforming your home into a haunted house is not expensive. You need to be patient and creative. Design it to be age-appropriate. That means you need to have a specific target in mind. Make it mild if you have younger kids.

  • Plan the trail and decide how much of your house you are willing to decorate.
  • Find a theme. Make sure that your idea is specific and believable to make it scarier. Do not use common themes. Come up with your own story and work on it.
  • Find actors that will be responsible for jump stares. They can pretend to be ghosts
  • Use lighting and special effects to create an eerie mood. The house should have enough light for safety and enough darkness to make it spooky
  • Make sure your decorations match the theme
  • Include mysterious activities based on how scary you want it to be

Find the best-haunted houses in your area using the Just Family Thing website. They provide cheap haunted houses options in list format or as a map.


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