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Haunted Houses in Houston

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You hear the floor creaking... a dark figure shifts in the shadows... something seems to be flying overhead in the dark... the sound of a ghost comes echoing up the basement stairs... you turn to run but the door is missing...

It's a Haunted House in Houston, Texas (TX)!

Bring the whole family for a scary fun time! See who's brave, and who screams first. Watch out who you grab for support, there's a monster around every bend. Count your crew after every visit - to make sure everyone got out alive!

Haunted houses attractions are a seasonal treat in Houston. Some are free, others have a small charge, but the freaks are out at every location downtown for some good family fun. Churches, civic groups, kids clubs, even individuals work hard to create some of the most fascinating, scary fun for the fall holidays. Take a haunted tour of real haunted places to visit in the area and decide which is the best!

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