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Free and Cheap Things to do with Kids in Phoenix

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Select your Family-friendly activities in Phoenix

Free and Cheap things to do in Cities similar to Phoenix

Contrary to what many think, you can enjoy family activities with your kids at no cost. We will provide you with free stuff and cheap things to do with the kids in Phoenix. With a list of fun activities for kids to choose from, prepare to have an adventure of a lifetime.

Painting in Phoenix

Painting is one an activity that no kid wants to miss out on. The kid is allowed to tap into their creative side and still have loads of fun. You only need;

  • Paper
  • Paint
  • brushes

Board games in Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)

Board games are great for any event because both adults and children can participate in them. There are many board games to choose from for different age-groups.

Making and playing with puppets

You will only need;

  • socks
  • buttons
  • fabric scraps
  • wool

Create your own puppet show as a family activity and enjoy.

Face painting

One of today's most sought after activity by kids is face painting. Your kids can have butterflies, superheroes and any design they fancy on their faces.


This is one of the greatest fun things to do for all age groups. You get to act out your favorite characters, songs or movies without making a sound and have your partner guess. All you need are paper cards and a pen.

Other things to do with kids:

Wells Fargo History Museum

Review Wells Fargo History Museum...

cat-icon 145 W Adams St
Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights

Review Tovrea Castle at Carraro Heights...

cat-icon 5025 E Van Buren St
Mystery Castle

Review Mystery Castle...

cat-icon 800 E Mineral Rd
Margaret T. Hance Park

Review Margaret T. Hance Park...

cat-icon 1134 N Central Ave
Outlets at Anthem

Review Outlets at Anthem...

cat-icon 4250 W Anthem Way
CityScape Phoenix

Review CityScape Phoenix...

cat-icon 1 E Washington St
Pueblo Grande Museum

Review Pueblo Grande Museum...

cat-icon 4619 E Washington St
Arizona Capitol Museum

Review Arizona Capitol Museum...

cat-icon 1700 W Washington St
Papago Park

Review Papago Park...

cat-icon 625 N. Galvin Parkway
1 2 3 4
South Mountain Park

Review South Mountain Park...

cat-icon 10919 S Central Ave
Encanto Park

Review Encanto Park...

cat-icon 2605 N 15th Ave
Maryvale Baseball Stadium

Review Maryvale Baseball Stadium...

cat-icon 3600 N 51st Ave
Phoenix Police Museum

Review Phoenix Police Museum...

cat-icon 17 S 2nd Ave
Desert Shadows RV Resort

Review Desert Shadows RV Resort...

cat-icon 19203 N 29th Ave
Arizona Science Center

Review Arizona Science Center...

cat-icon 600 E Washington St
Desert’s Edge RV

Review Desert's Edge RV...

cat-icon 2398 W Williams Dr
Across Arizona Day Tours

Review Across Arizona Day Tours...

cat-icon 3213 E Rosemonte Dr
Pioneer RV Resort

Review Pioneer RV Resort...

cat-icon 31398 N Black Canyon Hwy
Phoenix Zoo

Review Phoenix Zoo...

cat-icon 455 N Galvin Pkwy
K1 Speed Phoenix

Review K1 Speed Phoenix...

cat-icon 2425 S 21st St
Heard Museum

Review Heard Museum...

cat-icon 2301 N Central Ave
Adobe Mountain Railroad Park

Review Adobe Mountain Railroad Park...

cat-icon 23280 N 43rd Ave
Phoenix Art Museum

Review Phoenix Art Museum...

cat-icon 1625 N Central Ave
Phoenix Civic Plaza Convention Center

Review Phoenix Civic Plaza Convention Center...

cat-icon 111 N 3rd St
Chase Field

Review Chase Field...

cat-icon 401 E Jefferson St
Phoenix Airport Museum

Review Phoenix Airport Museum...

cat-icon 3400 E Sky Harbor Blvd
Kathleen Reeder Wildlife Photography

Review Kathleen Reeder Wildlife Photography...