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Free and Cheap Things to do with Kids Near Me

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Ideally, playful activities stimulate growth and enhance the self-esteem of your child. Children that play with adults build a strong personality and develop essential natural skills. As a parent, your moral obligation is to ensure that your children lead healthy lifestyles by engaging in meaningful play. However, some of the best options that children can benefit from are costly. If you are searching for inexpensive activities that will keep the children active, strong, happy and entertained, look no further.

The following list offers useful family activities ideas regarding cheap and free things to do with kids near me.

Create a Photo Album

This is a thoughtful activity that engages the mind of small children. You can use old photographs to create an album with a defined storyline. This is an effective way of capturing the occasions and special moments that your family cherishes.

Visit Free Public Parks and Play Grounds

Local playgrounds and parks have a lot of stuff for kids to do. Their play equipment, useful facilities, open spaces, and trails provide a wonderful setting for kids to engage in play. To make the trips interesting, it is imperative to explore different activities in the area.

Out Door Concerts and Festivals

Many counties and cities sponsor festivals and free movies in public parks around you. The festivals have exciting giveaways for children. Both events have free activities that your children will find interesting.

Paper Cutting

Paper cutting affords you some free family fun from the comfort of your home or at a park near your location. You can ask your children to look into old newspapers and identify interesting pictures. Using glue, you should allow them to develop innovative stories with the pictures.

Creating Beaches

If you have a spacious backyard or garden, you can create beaches by filling large containers with water and foam. Children enjoy playing with water in natural settings. You can incorporate other fun activities like playing with shells.

Pillow Fights

You can use the pillows and engage in mock fights with your children. To ensure safety, you start by freeing up space in the room. The game is best played on the floor as compared to the bed.


Solving puzzles is an excellent way of exercising and stimulating cognitive and creative abilities of the young children. The exercise is both interactive and entertaining. You can have your children develop their own puzzles or use store-bought varieties.


Most of the young children love activities that involve interacting with nature. You can engage your children in gardening activities such as planting flowers, pruning, and so forth. Children can be given their portions to create their gardens too.

Visit Cheap Zoos and Historic Sites

Basically, most of these attractive spots are not free, but some have free days. Although the offers are not on a daily basis, you can take advantage of occasional waivers. Your children will certainly be amazed at the sculptors and traditional homes.

Play Hide and Seek

You can join your children to play this game outdoors or indoors. While indoors, ensure the safety of the children by clearing the floor. Also, it is important to set guidelines and supervise children in to prevent the older children from bullying, the younger ones.

Visiting Social Service Centers

This is a brilliant way of instilling values in the young generation. Examples of places that you can visit include child care facilities, fire stations, post offices, and banks. It is important to consider the age of the child before choosing an appropriate facility.

Card Games as Cheap and Free Things to Do with Kids Near Me

These are free activities that the entire family can participate. Card games are effective learning tools because they stimulate the mind of the young children. In addition, they are entertaining and assuredly, they will help you to pass time while indoors.

Visit Free Public Libraries

Local public libraries around you have useful resources for children. They also contain crafts and artistic works that have cultural importance. Undeniably, your children will enjoy the special performances and take part in meaningful events such as book exhibitions.

Watching Stars

This is an exciting opportunity to share solitary moments with your children. At night, the sky has glittering stars that children find attractive. You can test the imagination of the children by asking them to describe the patterns and encouraging them to count the stars.

Technology Camps

During summer, renowned companies such as Microsoft and Apple organize free technology camps near here. The programs that they offer will teach your kids fundamental skills such as coding and movie making. Specifically, Microsoft and Apple educate young learners about robotics and video development.

Flying Kites

When the winds are strong and heavy, you can take your child outdoors and show them how to fly kites. The kites can be made from a piece of fabric and a rod of wood. Flying kites is beneficial because it gives you a chance to spend more hours outdoors.

In summary, the preceding list provides thought-provoking ideas about the cheap and free kids activities nearby. Engaging the mind of the children in these activities is an inexpensive way of testing their cognitive abilities, stimulating their imagination, and promoting growth. The creative activities are interactive, and certainly, they develop their social skills and enhance their self-esteem. Browse our website today for a map of cheap kids activities nearby.

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